06 November, 2011


Since Kev and I had been married we had never spent a Halloween night at home. Since Halloween fell on a Monday night this year we decided to stay home and throw a little party.  We needed to find out if our neighborhood had many Trick or Treaters.  We wanted to keep our shindig small, so we invited my siblings over for dinner: brother Dan, Sister-in-law Sarah, nephew Christian, Sister Lindsey and her friend Jen.  This being my very first Halloween party everything had to be "halloween-ish".

Caution: images below can appear to be spooky, wahahahaha!!

We started our goolish night with chilling appetizers!

After eating our way through a grave yard it was time for the main course in the tombs!
(All my hungry guests were VERY patient as I wrapped the meatloaf in noodles!!)

Mummy Meat Loft and Blood Clot Potatoes.  The sauce on this loaf is sooooooo good!!

And for the final course we headed to the Morgue for Brain Cupcakes
(Seriously the best cupcakes ever, and I am not a huge sweets person)

After gorging ourselves with creepy looking food and playing games we had a bloody good time!!  My little Bug was pooped from all the excitement!  First Halloween party, success!!

(Sarah- Blonde, Sister Lindsey- red sweatshirt, Brother Dan- Red jacket, Jen- black sweatshirt, Christian- zonked out babe, Me- in gray stripes, Kev- super excited guy)

Oh, P.S.- next year, we need to buy more candy for the Trick or Treaters and I mean a LOT more candy, we ran out super early, sorry kiddos!! Come again next year!

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