19 March, 2012

Brita's Vist

Kevin's cousin, Brita, flew into visit us this weekend.  Can you guess what we did?

Yup, we ate and ate and ate.  We took Brita on a Portland food tour and I was her personal guide. I felt like a grandma force feeding her skinny grandchild all weekend!  If Brita gained any weight this weekend, I am solely to blame. We tried to burn off some of our delicious food calories by hiking to Pittock Mansion and wandering the ghastly Shanghai Tunnels!  Brita is graduating in June and considering moving to Portland! I hope we convinced her that this is the best place to be! 

We would LOVE to have you here, Brita! Thanks for visiting, we had a blast!


  1. Montage and Voodoo Donuts- Perfection! Def must-go's in Ptown. Nice work showing the cous around! I have never done the Pittock Mansion, or the tunnels. I am going to start a list of weekend-to-do's.. adding these!

  2. A good weekend always consists of good food (whether eating out or cooking yourself). The food looks really yum, but different from our restaurants :-)


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