05 March, 2012

Ab Workout

Now it is my turn to bring you heart shaped ice to suck on.

Oh how the tables have turned.  Almost a week ago, I was clung to the toilet, wishing time would move faster.  Last night Kev was hunkered over the toilet thinking he was going to die.  Literally, the thought crossed his mind that last night would be his last night on earth. 

 I was up last night from 12:30am-5:00am running from our bed to the bathroom.  Filling up glasses of water, emptying trash cans, rubbing his back,  and wishing I could be an indian giver and take that stomach flu right back from him. 

After last night, I could feel the Lord changing me. He is changing my selfishness into selflessness.  Notice, I said, "he is changing me" not, "changed me".  I still have a long way to go.  But, in the last 2.5 years I have seen what it looks like to give your all to someone, to no longer be looking out for yourself, but constantly looking out for someone else. 

Last week while recovering from my own toilet ab workout I wrote a post about selflessness.  The selflessness that I first experienced with my parents and the selflessness that I experience with Kev. I have incredible examples to model after.

Thanks for what you're teaching me babe.  I hope I am giving back to you as much or more of what you give to me.

Feel better soon!! Muah!!!

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