06 March, 2012

Kev's Birthday Poem

There once was a wonderful guy who turned 28.
His day started with cake batter pancakes, which he barely ate.

Now he was ready for gifts that had been a surprise.
So, we hit the road, his hint was his gift flies.

Kev soon learned, his gift I did not buy,
but, on this day he would learn to fly!
Kev learned quick and we were soon in flight.
We soared through the sky with out a fright.
(special thanks to Lisa for helping me this gift so amazing!!)
 An exciting preset with out the gift wrap.
With all the thrill Kev needed a nap.

Kev woke from his birthday rest
and was greeted by his guests.

One more birthday gift was planned,
but, first an Oreo milkshake has to be in hand.

We rushed off with the Scheeles to see the Blazers play,
The seats were so close, you could hear what the players say.
Not a bad day of celebration,
thank you Lord for this creation!

You lucky dogs, usually my poems are reserved for family only!


  1. Tiff.. you are too darn cute! Your man is a lucky man. :)

  2. Hahaha! L O V E the poem! I do feel lucky! ;)

  3. You are really good at this dearest!! Because of this excellent work, I have decided I would like a birthday poem :)


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