30 March, 2012


It has been a really bust last couple of weeks, hence why I haven't been posting much lately! Check out what I have been up to this week!

How my desk has looked lately... ugh

My new gym.  The floor, a yoga mat, weights and Self Magazine

Salt and Straw Ice Cream break!

My college roomy married into the Curtis family! It is like I see a celebrity when I see one of these machines!

a beautiful library I saw!  One day, Kev, one day!

A little chocolate man on my hot chocolate! PIX

If I drank wine, I would want to drink this! Thanks, Erin!
When we walked into Dan and Sarah's house last night, this is what greeted us!
It should be a relaxing and much needed weekend for us!  Have a great one!
life rearranged


  1. If you want someone to tell you how the wine taste...I guess I can help you out. Little bug is SOOOOO stinking cute! Great pix!!

  2. Good girl, workin it out! Looks like a fun week, and it's time for the WEEEEEKEND!!

  3. I totally love your "Me and Him" hottie boss story!! :) That library IS stunning!! And little hot chocolate man is super cute!

  4. Omg that hot chocolate looks Amazing!

    Xx newest follower

  5. LOVE that library!! And what a cute little bug you have. :)

  6. Hi Tiffany - I am Tiffany also :)

    I clicked over from Life Rearranged - the name got me!!

    Anyway - just saying hi! I am new to blogging and am going to link up this Friday - no iphone though so I hope my photos come out ok! Wish me luck!



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