02 April, 2012


It may take me all year to finishing blogging about mine and Kev-o's wedding, but I am determined to do it! Sorry if this is boring some of you, I promise I will write about other things soon!


The day after Kev and I got engaged we sat on the sunny front steps of his parent's house and prayed for our wedding.  When we were finished we both had two goals in mind.  

1. We wanted everyone that attended to know our Love for Christ Jesus
2. To be one of the funnest weddings of all time!!!

I think Kev and I would both agree that we accomplished our first goal during our ceremony.
Kev was trying to loosen up, while he waited for his bride!
Me and my girls were trying to sneak through the forest unnoticed!
I was trying to sneak a peak!

Everything was set, let the games begin!!!!
Our wedding party walked down the isle to "Chapel of Love" by The Dixie Cups and  "Church On Time" by Ben Harper
My man waiting for me!
One of the best gifts of the day, the sun came out!

Our rock band singing, "I need Thee Every Hour" bu Jars of Clay.  And, Cousin Katie... amazing voice! Gave me chills!
"I now pronounce you...."
We ran off  to "Happy Together" by the Turtles
"Hey all, guess what we just did!"
Lots of congratulations!
Still trying to take it all in!
Making things official! Thanks, Andy!
Ok- just a few last pictures, I PROMISE! But, these are hilarious! Looking at these pictures you would think everyone was at a funeral, not a wedding!! 
Bahahahahaha, it was THAT freeeeeeezing!!

We laughed, we cried, we froze and we praised our Lord! Goal one, accomplished!!!


  1. Such a fun weekend! I would relive it all over again, just maybe 10 degrees warmer :) love you friend.

  2. THE most beautiful, creative, loving wedding I have EVER been to!!

  3. love these pics! y'all are such a gorgeous couple!

  4. SO fun revisiting this memory!
    Honored to be a part of your "rock band" ;)

  5. SO fun revisiting this memory!
    Honored to be a part of your "rock band" ;)

  6. Wow this is absolutely beautiful.

  7. omg i'm so upset that my blogger feed wasn't showing your latest posts!! ahh!
    Your wedding looked sooo perfect! Despite it being freezing lol I love every thing you had. What a blessing to show others the love of Christ in your wedding. :-)

  8. awesome location!



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