03 April, 2012


Ok- we are getting closer! I have almost successfully brought you through marriage memory lane!

So, Kev and I had two goals for our wedding:
1. We wanted everyone that attended to know our Love for Christ Jesus
2. To be one of the funnest weddings of all time!!!
We felt like we accomplished our first goal with our ceremony! I had several dreams, no- night mares, that NO ONE came to our wedding or NO ONE had fun. 

I didn't want my nightmares to come true....

The Reception

Check this out, click here

It was a dream, but no nightmare! Goal #2, accomplished!


  1. LOVE your dress! You are gorgeous girl!! And it looks like an absolute party your wedding!! So fun!! Love the pictures!

  2. Gorg! The photo both pics turned out so good! I think it is a just for a wedding.

  3. you are absolutely gorgeous! and i love how extremely happy you look in all of these pictures. it looks like you had a wonderful celebration!

  4. oh my gosh. i just went back and watched that video & i died laughing! so funny! that was a good comeback from the guys! seriously such a fun day for you two! you are such a sweet couple! :)

  5. I have loved your wedding series. It is so cute to see the fun and joy on everyone's faces, esp you and your hubby's! You looked beautiful!


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