06 April, 2012

InstaFriday Food

This week has been full of cooking, cooking and more cooking! My sweet co-worker and good friend is pregnant with her second baby and last night I, along with our other Co-Worker, Heidi, threw her a work shower!  Heidi was in charge of making everything fabulous, which she did! And, I was in charge of the meal! YIKES, talk about intimidating.  Cooking for your office!  I will dedicate a full post to this awesome baby shower next week!

So, most of my instafriday pictures will be of food and then I will throw in a couple other goodies from the week!  I made it to Friday, and I can't wait to sleep until my little heart's content this weekend! Maybe I can even convince Kev to take me out for a couple meals! I am cooked out! Enjoy your weekend! Sun is in Portland's forecast! Yahoo!!

The Baby Shower Menu! I practiced on Sunday, prepped on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday was the big show!
Black Bean hummus! Kev is probably real sick of testing this recipe

Baby shower flowers! Spring is in the air!

Chocolate Moouse.  Thank you, Julie Child for the strong arm muscles I got from making this recipe.

How hilarious is this picture of my nephew?!!

Little Easter surprise at my desk!

I want one of these.  My dream pup!

A little teaser of the shower photos!

I dream of summer produce!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Please please post the recipe and how-to for the hummus and mousse, they were both AMAZING.


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