14 December, 2011

WIWW- Hello Sun!

The weather in Portland has been fantastic, I mean it.  I think we are experiencing some sort of miracle here in the Northwest.  In the month of December I usually given up on doing my hair, I invest in water proof make-up and I live in my neon green rain jacket and retro-style rain boots.  The last several nights we have seen the sunset and we have seen the sunrise in the mornings. Did you hear me?  We have seen the sun!  This guest appearance usually doesn't happen until at least April, OK I am exaggerating, we usually don't see the sun until May!!  But, we have been lucky enough to see the Sun almost the entire month of December.  Maybe people should think about moving to the Northwest for the winter. Anyways, we Northwesterners have been blessed by the sun so far this winter and I have been able to wear something other then my rain jacket and boots!
Earings- Nordstrom
Flannel- Old Navy
Undershirt- JC Penny
Jeans- Tilly's
Socks- Target
Boots- Nordstrom
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