08 December, 2011

Thankful Thursday- Random Thanks

Happy Thursday!  I like Thursdays. they are the day before Friday and the light at the end of the week.  This Thursday will be especially easy as it is my last day in the office for the week.  Kev and I will be headed to California early Friday morning to attend his grandma's funeral and spend time with his family. Making that one of my thankful things for the week!  But wait, there is more!  Here is my five thankful things list for the week!  Random thanks but all good!
1. My black puffer jacket that keeps me, oh so, warm!!
2. The beautiful cloudless December skies.  Don't we live in the Northwest?  Where is the rain?
3.My cousin and crazy fun friend Katie, who I saw Twilight with last night.  I am so addicted to those movies.
4.My early morning Thursday bible study at church!  Don't mind missing a few hours of sleep to be with my discipleship girls!
5. Being able to celebrate the life of Marcella with the entire Erickson clan on Saturday.

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