22 December, 2011

Food for Thursday and Saturday

I love to eat.  Anyone who knows me, knows I like to eat.  I will try just about anything, I have even made a buck or two eating something no one else would try. Fortunately, I live in a city where there is a ton of good food.  Restaurants and food carts galore! Kev and I want to try it all, well at least I do and he happily comes along. Once a month (I tried to push for more, it was a no go) Kev and I head out on a Saturday morning to Portland's latest and greatest restaurants.

A couple of Saturdays ago we laid in bed and looked through the Portland Monthly(an incredible magazine for restaurant suggestions).  Kev was giving me the thumbs up or thumbs down when we finally spotted Broder.  Broder is a Swedish restaurant in SE Portland.  It was easy to convince Kev on this restaurant as the sweeds run through his veins!  I threw on my work out clothes and we hit the road (I wear work out clothes instead of sweats when I don't want to dress for the day, I look sporty instead of sloppy.  Deceiving? Yes.)

This is how Broder fared my Foodie Scale.

We arrived at the restaurant and it was jam packed, a hint that this place would be nothing less than awesome!  We waited patiently in a tavern next door, which happened to be super neat in its self.  The tavern made me feel like I had stepped into a hunting lodge in Alaska, cool right?
About an hour later we were seated.  The restaurant was tiny, only about 10 tables inside with bar seating.  Every seat in the house had a great view to an open kitchen.  We were able to watch the chefs work their magic!
Having the open kitchen sucked me right in, everything I saw, I wanted to order.
I know, right? Mmmmm, yummy!! Those are the only words I can say, it was that good.

Cleanliness: 4- Looked clean to me!
Taste: 5- so good, I loved everything I tried!
Service: 4- It was crazy busy, and our waiter did great handling the rush.
Presentation: 3-  the food came in cute cast iron pans and wood planks
Atmosphere: (+)-  Cute and quaint.  Reminded me of an European restaurant.  I guess fitting since it was a Swedish!
TOP SCORE: 16+ out of 20 

We are totally going back, and we are bring people, and making reservations, and eating the Swedish pancakes.  Oh the goodness!

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