10 December, 2011

Day of Sitting

Yesterday my day started at 4:15am.  Like two zombies, Kev and I crawled into our iced-over car and drove to Robbie and Pippa’s (they happen to live right next to the MAX lines and we are lucky enough to be able to park in their extra parking spot, thanks guys!).  We grabbed the Red Line and rode the MAX for an hour’s ride to the airport.  Caught a flight to Oakland, and then hopped onto another plane to Ontario.  At the Ontario airport we grabbed a shuttle to the rental car lot and then hopped onto another shuttle to arrive at our sketchy car rental place.  Long story, we are trying to be thrifty.  We hit the road in our fancy shmansy Chevy Aveo and drove an hour north.  I took a quick snooze…
Lovely.  Kev really should have been watching the road instead of taking beauty rest pictures. And we finally arrived at our detour, to meet baby Zoe. 
I was able to get enough cuddles in before we had to get back in the Aveo and face the LA rush hour to meet Kev’s family for dinner.  While sitting in the Friday traffic I learned that Kevin thinks he sings like Josh Groban and I mastered the art of car dancing to pass the time.  How can a day of sitting be so exhausting?  It was all worth it.

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