07 December, 2011

What I Made My Man Wear Wednesday

I am going crazy today and I am posting twice!  I have a hottie husband with some hottie style (some of it thanks to him, most of it thanks to me!!)
If it was up to Kev-o he would probably wear an old High School T-shirt and jeans everyday.  Or an old High School t-shirt and workout shorts so he could hit the gym whenever he pleases.

But, each morning I get my socks knocked off when I see him in his work clothes, "how you doin?"  What can I say, he is hot. Check out what I made my man wear Wednesday.  Like your guys style? Snap a picture!  What did you make your man wear Wednesday?
Sweater: H&M
Dress Shirt- Banana Republik
Tie- Groomsmen Gift
Watch- Nixon
Belt- Target
Khakis- Kohls
Shoes- Nordstrom Rack
On my, look at all that hotness!!

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