23 December, 2011

It is Beginning to Look Like Christmas

Our Christmas officially started last night.  After work Kev and I headed over to my brother and Sarah's house to start off the festivities!!  The whole family was there plus our additions! We feasted on an amazing dinner of Ham, rosemary cheese potatoes (which were to die for), salad, pomegranate green beans, stewed apples and rolls!  Oh my, I am salivating writing about this! It was good!  We all wanted to dive into the presents under the tree and all pitched in to cleaning up, many hands make light work, as I like to say.

We took our places, divvied up the gifts and sat to listen to my Dad, Dan and Kev read the Christmas story, all the men such good readers, so proud! I have heard and read the story of Christ's birth hundreds of times, I love it more and more each year.  We prayed as a family and thanked our Lord for the ways he blesses us.

We had so much fun giving and receiving.  Funny how as an adult you get excited about a lemon press and turkey roaster.  Our poor addditions sat and stared at Mom, Dad, Dan, Linds and I cracked up talking about previous Christmases.  Don't worry additions, we will make new memories will all of you!  It was a fun night, and it has only begun!
Check out some of my festive pictures from the week!
I was showing Kev my favorite ornament.  Yup, that happened.
I made this!! Isn't a cute?  I will do a tutorial soon!
Mom got these for her grandkid's.  Thanks mom, our future kin will love this!
These two stole Kev's Christmas gift off the front porch, it just know it!  Thanks Amazon for replacing the gift and saving the day!
Lights and fog scream Christmas!
The annual Harry and David's, thanks boss!
Baby bug's first Christmas gift!!

Grotto and dinner with the relatives tonight!  More festivities to come!


  1. those dirty thieves!!! funniest mug shots ever!!

  2. those dirty thieves!!! funniest mug shots ever!!


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