12 December, 2011

Over the river and through the woods to Santa's village we go!  With a dusting of Christmas magic, and singing Christmas carols, the Christmas train brought us to where Santa stays.
The "whoo whoo" of the train whistle started our journey. The train jerked and jolted forward and our journey began.  Our view from the fogged up frosted windows was of dense forest, sparkling rivers, abandoned shacks, quaint cottage,s and an old enchanted tunnel.  The Christmas train smelled of must and rust cookies and snow and we heard off-tune caroles were serenaded by Santa's Elves.  We shivered from the lack of heat excitement to see Santa and anxiously awaited to see his village.
After miles of beautiful country side we arrived to see Santa.  We feasted on cookies and hot cocoa.  We took in the smell of Christmas trees, hoping the scent would follow us home.  We stood by the fire in hopes of thawing our frozen toes and watched all the little boys and girls give Santa their Christmas list. Then we heard the "woo woo" of the train whistle and it was time to leave Santa's Village.
A fun adventure, a funny story, and seriously fun memories we made.  Thanks for my Surprise, B.

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