29 December, 2011

Food For Thursday- Home Style

Last Thursday I told you about mine and Kev-o's pursuit to explore the city of Portland's eats.  On this quest we headed to Byway's Cafe.  We had seen this restaurant several times as it is located next to one of our favorite burrito joints.  On this trip we traded a burrito for a fork and knife.  When we walked into the little cafe I thought we had walked through a time machine and straight into the 1950's (or at least what I think the 50's would look like.)  Vintage signs, an old milkshake machine, knickknacks and plates adorned the walls.  Plates of Yellow Stone Park, Grand Canyon, and Mount Rushmore were proudly displayed among other US of A's finest. I immediately liked it.

The place was small with a few booths and a small counter bar. We were seated right before a swarm of hungry people came in the door.  The menu boasted of a traditional American breakfast, who could complain about that?  Pancakes, french toast, omelets, and hash. I ordered the hash and pancakes for my guy.  Our order came out quickly and pipping hot and the food tasted like a group of moms were in the back cooking for the kids.  It hit the spot on this rainy Portland Morning.
(Please excuse my dirtiness- who let me walk out of the house like that?!)

Foodie Scale - on a scale of 1(worst) to 5(best)

Cleanliness: 4 Nothing bothered me.
Taste: 4 tasted like mom cooked it up!
Service: 3 server was efficient and quick.
Presentation: 3 Nothing fancy, placed on a plate like you would a home.  Very fitting.
Atmosphere: (+) Cute, old fashioned and homey.
Overall rating: 14 with a (+) for atmosphere!  Byways Cafe, we will be back.

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