27 June, 2012

Best Idea we ever had!

Meet Blue.  

She is a Craigslist find and might be the first thing I even bought off craigslist. I have sold things but I have never bought.

In Portland bikes are more numerous than cars and dogs.  While driving through downtown I regularly get caught behind a street bike which I swear adds 30 minutes to my commute. I mean do they HAVE ride down the middle of the road?  Anyways, after living here for a few years I made up  my mind I would NEVER turn into a biker. 

Well, Monday at 1:00pm I officially became a bike owner.  But, let me tell you this bike is only made for downhill and flat streets.  Grass is even out of the question.  But, you know what?  I love Blue!

You may be asking, why I all of a sudden decided to buy a bike?  It is because of this guy:

My very athletic and talented hubs decided he was going to start training for the Portland marathon.  Which meant  he would be running and running a lot.  Which also meant that he would be running long distances for long hours.  I neither wanted to be running long distances or be at home by myself for those long hours.  So, Kev came up with the best idea I think he has ever had!  Blue.  While Kev runs his heart out, I am right next of him keeping him company, keeping his time, and carrying his stuff!  Blue and I are Kev's marathon support team!
ahhhh hahahaha!! Doesn't this picture crack you up?!!

We were quite the site last night on our first run.  I took the sidewalk and Kev took the bike lane.  Now, If I can only convince the Portland Marathon Committee that I need to bike next to my team on the actual race day!  
No, I am not yelling at Kev in this picture.  This face is what my college roommates coined at my "sexy face".  Why didn't anyone tell me that when I am trying to look sexy I actually look scary?!!


  1. Bluuueee! I LOVE her!! She's perfect. You are going to have so much fun riding this summer!

    You're cute and slexy no matter the look on your face little mama ;)

  2. Wear a helmet! I do NOT want to scoop your brains off the operating floor. Please and thank you.

  3. HAHA aww girl I love this, because I too started doing this a few weeks ago!! Its seriously SO much fun....and so much less boring than being left at home. I'm in love with Blue.
    Much Love,


  4. So fun! You are once again a WAY better wife than I! Have fun training together and I second what Dan says...GET A HELMET! Those portland drivers are CRAZY ;)

  5. Love your handlebar tassels. It's soooo you! We'll have to look for a baby seat for the back of Blue.

  6. YAY!! You got your bike! You are so adorable - and yes, that's some sexy face! ;)

  7. Ah haha I am laughing so hard for so many reasons you cutie! You have the sexiest sexy face I have ever seen. And I love the action shot, look how far your knee is poking out :)

    I cannot wait to rock the streets of VA with our "blues".

    No doing any stunts or wheelies now missy!

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  9. you little lover. i agree with dan - get a helmet! come bike with me in minnie!


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