09 June, 2012

Baby Bump Sighting

Ok, here it is. Your first glimpse at the baby bump.  I am 14 weeks and it is difficult to tell if I am pregnant or if I never learned to do a sit up.  But, here it is.  I didn't want to take pictures of my growing belly because I knew I would have to look at my growing body as well... but, I guess this is when the sacrificing as a mom begins!
Have you seen the movie, "What to Expect When You're Expecting"?  Sweet Pip took me to see that last week in one of the theater rooms,  amazing!  The movie is cute and everyone woman could probably identify with at lease one character.  Anyways, there is a hysterically funny character played by Elizabeth Banks who has every pregnancy symptom and is nuts-o.  As I was watching this movie I realized in horror that I am the NUTS-O character!  I am the crazy one!!  Groan... I am text book pregnant.  I should be touring medical schools so the students could see what every pregnancy symptom looks like.

Morning sickness- CHECK
Implantation Cramps- CHECK
Chloasma Mustache- CHECK
Bleeding Gums- CHECK
Bloody Noses- CHECK
Bloating and um...gas - CHECK
Acne- CHECK (like a teenager)

When I read about pregnancy and symptoms I now just sit and wait for it to start surfacing on me!  My only prayer is that all my hormones are creating all the symptoms because I am growing a healthy, sweet, precious baby. So, bring on the symptoms, I am can take it!


  1. Yay, yay, yay-a bump is surfacing!! I love it!

  2. ahh! i love you! i say to jae all the time, can you believe tiff is growing a human!??! i read all of your post below the photo and then didn't notice the top part - then read - then laughed so loud in a silent room it scared me. i know you can do a sit up :) you fo sho look preg and not squish.

  3. i loooove baby bump pics! You will love having these photos. :) I didn't do many and regret it.

  4. Awww I love you, your growing belly, and baby Eroc all so much! I will be looking forward to these bi-monthly posts with so much anticipation :) tell baby hello from me!


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