22 June, 2012

In The Woods

Kev and I LOVE to camp.  We love camping with friends but we also love camping when it is just the two of us.  There is something as exhilarating as feeling like we are the only two people around.  The only sounds we hear are the sounds of the forest and God's creations.

we took a million of these pictures and they ALL turned out blurry!
With the baby making its grand entrance in only 5ish months we knew our alone time will soon be coming to an end. Also, with my growing gut we have a very small window to hit the trails.  So, we decided to plan a backpacking trip memorial weekend.  Portland's summer's don't ever really show its face until late June be we didn't want to waste any valuable time.

We took a half day on Friday and drove to the wilderness.  I have to admit, working out has been VERY low on my priority list the last few months.  But, I had no idea how out of shape I was. I kept hearing this retched noise and realized it was MY BREATHING!  The pack clips right on my stomach to help carry the load... and it squeezed my belly... and well, with the pregnancy symptoms I am having, it was squeezing other things out!! A couple of times I could feel Kev pushing on the back pf my pack trying to get me to walk a little fast.  The sad part about it was my pack only contained: my sleeping bag, water and my clothes...poor Kev carried EVERYTHING ELSE and I was the slow one!

We didn't get to hike in as far as we were hoping because the majority of the trails were still covered in snow...icey cold, wet snow.

But, we found an amazing spot right on the lake!  We pitched our tent, hung the hammock and gathered wood for a fire.  We got everything set up just in time to eat dinner and go to bed. As I laid down to sleep I could feel the icey earth cooling my sleeping bag. I had on layers and layers of clothes and it felt like I was sleeping in the artic!  I was so cold I even tried to crawl into Kev's sleeping bag in my sleeping bag. I don't think I slept a wink!

trying to stay warm!!
Kev was up and at em early trying to start me a fire to warm my icy body, everything was SOAPING wet from the rain so a fire was looking unlikely!  I finally convinced myself that I was not going to get any sleep and braved the world outside our tent!  We enjoyed a hot breakfast and decided to try our hand at fishing.  After about an hour of no bites and my fingers turning to icicles we went for a hike to try and get the blood pumping.  We couldn't go very far because of the piles of snow...are you getting the drift?  I was cold. Just as we were turning back to our campsite we got caught in a hail storm.  We leaped into our tent and listened to the rain fall.  We talked, sang, cuddled and dreamed!

When the rain sounded like it was coming to an end Kev gave me two options, "we are 2 hours from home or 2.5 hours from the resort. What do you want to do?" I wondered what gave him the idea of heading to the Resort? I mean I had only mentioned Chef D's french toast a million times in the last 24 hours.    So, we tore down our beautiful campsite.  All of a sudden I was moving MUCH quicker!

We got to the resort in 2ish hours, surprised my parents, took a hot shower, eat a hot dinner and the next morning I was chowing down on Chef D's french toast.  This will definitely be one of my most memorial camping trips!


  1. Thats an awesome story!!! I prob would have been all about that resort too ;)
    Much Love,


  2. Haha, yep I love this story even more with the pics! :)


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