26 June, 2012

Filling the Weekend Void

For the past three years mine and Kev's weekends have consisted of: meeting the Scheeles for meals, going on runs with the Scheeles, running errands with the Scheeles, pretty much everything with the Scheeles.  Well with the Scheeles recent move to Boston you can imagine Kev and I feel a little lost! I am pretty sure at some point last week I even said, "how are we going to survive with out the Scheeles?!!"

Their absents has been nothing less than a deep pitted void in our lives!  But, we know we must try to go on with our lives with out them (despite me not wanting to!).  Kev and I were determined to have a good weekend despite the emptiness we are feeling!

(Please note to those who don't know us well, all this eating out I am going to tell you about is not usual for us!)
This is how Kev feels about eating out! can't you tell how much he likes it?!

Friday- Poor Kev has been cooking for himself ever since this little baby inside of me hasn't allowed me to keep any food inside my belly.  So, Kev decided to take a break from the kitchen and find a new restaurant! With a quick glimpse inside our Portland Monthly we headed off to North Portland to try Ned Ludd.  It it like a diamond in the rough! Tucked away on MLK is the CUTEST little restaurant! As soon as we walked in the door I was awestruck with this restaurants cuteness!  WE obviously were not the first to discover this awesome place and soon found out our wait would be 2.5 hours... Kev, thinking his stomach was starting to eat his body, could not wait that long.  As we were walking back to the car I casually said to Kev,

"They probably didn't let us in because they thought your shoes were lame."  He looked down in confusion and then in horror exclaimed, "Why did you let me wear my slippers in public?!"  

Hahahahahaha! I died!!!  I SWEAR I did not notice until we were already at the restaurant!! Hahahaha!! We ended up at our favorite sushi place by our house and then ended the night with a movie, Mom, don't read this part.... we rented Harry Potter! Kev made me do it! That rascal! =)  Somehow, we survived Friday with out our beloved Scheeles.

Saturday- We woke up and I successfully cooked! I made Kathy Erickson's famous waffles!  I pat myself on the back. Then we quickly ran out of the house to view two potentially new homes to rent! We gotta start making room for all the crap that comes with a baby!!  To our surprised we LOVED both!  One is in SW Portland and the other in Vancouver, WA. After a surprising pleasant two viewings  of potential homes we headed off in a Portland Monsoon to Kev's soccer games, which happened to be by a Voodoo donuts which happened to torture me the ENTIRE game! But, I resisted my pregnancy urge!! To finish the night we drove back by our two new home choices and then finally got seated at Led Nudd!  The wait worth it, so yummy! So cute!  Day two, we still had fun but needed the Scheeles to help us make a choice on which house to persue!!

Sunday- Weekend almost over, and my baby brain still won't let me sleep in so Kev and I hit one of the Sunday morning services.  We LOVE our church! If you are in Portland and need a church come to ours!  After church I could not stop thinking about the HUGE slices of cheese Pizza from Costco.  To say the least, I gave into this craving and it was soooo worth it! 
mmmmm, dion't you want one??
 After my pizza gorge Kev somehow convinced me to work out (which I actually enjoyed but don't tell him).  That afternoon we had an Erickson/Scheele conference call just to make sure we would make it through our weekends and then headed off to see "Brave" the new Disney Pixar movie.  Very cute but it was no "Toy Story".  Then to finish the night I beat Kev at two games of Backgammon. 

So, we survived our weekend with out our favorite Scheeles and even had fun.  But, we still are looking forward until we are all together again! Miss you guys!


  1. Aw, this is so sweet! And hey, we're no Scheeles but call us, we'd love to help you guys through this difficult time! ;) Can't wait to hear all about the houses!!!

  2. This makes me laugh, cry, and smile all at the same time. Sounds like you did us proud this weekend!! One weekend down 50 more to go? :)

    Oh and I cannot wait for you to eat cheese pizza out here. Actually there are so many things I cannot wait to do with you out here! I miss you. More than I thought I would!


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