19 June, 2012


I have no doubt in my mind that Kev is going to be an INCREDIBLE dad.  Here is a small example of how I know.

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day in Portland, I was in shorts and a tank all day.  It was glorious.  After several miles on the motorcycles, a run with Dan at the Gladstone track, and sitting on the patio at dinner I had some pink shoulders at the end of the day. I blame it on the pregnancy but oh boy, I have NEVER had a sunburn that hurt so bad and for so long.  I was trying not to complain about it especially because it didn't even look like I was burnt.  I mean who was going to give me sympathy when they looked at my browned shoulders? But, I was burnt, and it hurt and it stung and I was soooo uncomfortable! Poor Kev,  Sunday night I was still in anguish and when we went to bed I tossed and turned until about 2am and decided to move to the living room so I wouldn't wake him up with my long drawn out sighs and flops.

I read my bible, pleaded with the Lord to take away my sting and then listen to the Hunger Games audio book until I couldn't take it any more and I googled, "Can I take Tylonel PM while pregnant?" From my vast research on Yahoo Answers, baby wise, and mom's club my conclusion was YES.  (Pip, tell me these forums were right!!)  I swolled one of those big blue pills and quietly crawled back in bed next to Kevo around 5am.

In my drugged state I heard Kev come into out room at 8:15 to wake me up...opps, guess I am going to work late.  With him he had Aloe Vera!!  He ran over to the store earlier that morning to buy it for me.  And, ontop of this sting free gift he was apologizing profusely for not getting it last night!  I PROMISE I would not have let him run out at 2am to buy me Aloe Vera, even though I would have contemplated it. I was overwhelmed by emotion thinking about him getting up early to run to the store made me KNOW that I am in good hands and our baby will be in good hands also!  WE will be protected and provided for.  Love you, Kevo!


  1. Aw, this is SO sweet! I hope you slept better last night!!

  2. First thing, you got sunburnt?? I thought with your amazing skin that wasn't possible! Crazy pregnancy :)
    Secondly, what an amazing blessing kevo is! I'm so thankful you have a man who loves you so well, and will protect you and baby Eroc like no other!
    We sure miss you three.


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