20 June, 2012

16 Weeks Shot

Here it is, my 16 week belly.
I realize that I look pregnant in this picture but I still wonder sometimes if I am making everything up in my head.  I mean, I don't feel pregnant.  I just feel sick and squishy.  Call me cold hearted but I can't say I am "excited" to be pregnant.  Don't get me wrong, I am glad I am pregnant, I just thought I would be feeling pregnant and feeling excited.

I have a friend whose due date is two days after mine and obviously we talk a ton about how we are feeling, what our bodies are doing, what we are craving.  It is a-mazing to have someone going through the EXACT same things at the EXACT same moments. But, I can't really relate when she says things like:

"I am reading EVER baby book I can find." 
"I can't stop thinking about the baby, it consumes my ever thought."  
"It is so fun to plan the baby's room"

I don't have any of those thoughts.... I tried reading a few baby books and found them to be sooooo boring and a few overwhelming.  All I think about is, "don't puke, don't puke, don't puke." And, Kev and I need to move out of our little place so I don't even know where the baby's room will be. Am I going to be a bad mom because I am not jumping for joy?  Will I get excited?  Will I love this little kiddo like I love my niece and nephew?

Maybe it is because I haven't seen much evidence of this little baby inside of me.  Tonight we are scheduled to hear the heart beat, maybe hearing the life of my sweet child will bring about some of the joy and excitment I feel I have been lacking! I really hope so.

Whoa, look at it grow! I AM pregnant....right?


  1. are you sure you're only 16 weeks?! that little babe is growing so fast!

  2. omg your belly grew so fast, but you look super cute!

    XO, adropofbliss.blogspot.com

  3. adorable!!! you will die when then baby is here, just die. :)

  4. Wow... what a change! Thanks for posting so we can keep up with how things are going. Good times ARE ahead. I promise. You will be surprised at the love you will have for this sweet babe. Can't wait to meet... him/her?

  5. Woah! Has baby grown since Monday?? Once this sicky stuff passes I'm sure you'll get excited! It's probably just hard now when "Don't puke, Don't puke" is what's consuming your every thought!!
    (If you can't make it through a book I'll make you summary notes! I have to read another 9-400 page books on the subject!) Love you!!

  6. I takes a while for it to feel real. When you're super miserable it's tough to feel super excited. ;) Seeing that heartbeat will help! The idea of a baby does grow on you. Don't feel badly though- I know how you feel. Love doesn't happen instantly. It grows!

  7. You don't look like you are sick you look very cute with your little bump: )By the time you get to the end you'll feel pragnant. My words of advise live in the moment because before you know it you'll be the mom of a 40 year old ...yikes did I say that out loud : )

  8. Don't worry Tiff - I felt the same way. And I was sick, sick, SICK! Every day for 7 months. It wasn't until I stopped being sick that I became very excited. And even at 5'7" (Brody is HUGE)....he is still my "little" boy and I couldn't love anyone more! Tara


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