18 June, 2012

Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day and that means it was Kev's first Father's Day! I couldn't sleep yesterday morning so I got up around 5:50am...(*big sigh*.... my sleeping in days are almost over and I am getting up before 6 on a weekend, am I MAD?!) Anyways, I was up with the birds and decided to make a breakfast in bed feast to start off Kev's big day!

Veggie scramble, sausage links, and hash browns (OK, they were really tater tots, but they just sounded sooo good at 6am!) I tried to be as quiet as possible but with a less than 600sq ft apartment, he was a REALLY good sport being woken up by the clangs of pots and pans.  I dished everything up on our "Breakfast in Bed" tray (Thank you, Aunt Shelley for this cool gift) and headed into wake up the daddy to be!

I know he doesn't look thrilled in this picture, but he actually was. Oh, and he isn't naked either, but it looks like he is! ooh la la!

Kev has been researching the Art of Shaving, so I got him a few shaving goodies! Who know it would be so fun to watch a guy shave!

With a fresh shave and full bellies(mine only full with tater tots) we were ready for Kev's first father's day!  First, Father's day sermon at church and the fatherly example of Christ.  The we headed to tickle creek for a Jones family BBQ and hung out with some of the wise father's in our family.  Then raced to kid's church to show our Father in heaven's love to the kiddos and lastly topped our day off with dinner to celebrate Katie and Michael's PSU graduation where Kev practiced being a daddy to Bug and Aiden (soon we can't give the kids back)!!

A seriously awesome Father's day full of dads.  Only thing that would have made it better is seeing our own dads! Kev and I are always continually impressed with the vast knowledge both of our dad's have about EVERYTHING. We suspect that men get this endless knowledge when you become a dad. WE are so lucky to be surround by so many great dads as we enter into parenthood!

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