25 June, 2012

Daycare Diet

People continually ask me if I crave anything and my response is, "I am not really doing food right now." But the more I am thinking about it the more I am realizing that yes, I am having some weird cravings.

For the first month I am pretty sure I only ate sourdough bread.  Then I decided cheese popcorn is what I really needed(thank you, Pip for all the cheese popcorn dinners we had)

Several weeks ago after church I was dying for grilled cheese.  As we were approaching the store to pick up the supplies, I had to use one of the plastic baggies I am accustomed to carrying everywhere with me.  As I was finishing up my "business" Kev sweetly asked if I just want him to take me home.  With my head still in the bag I said, "no- I need some mac and cheese.  KRAFT, only please. " The blue box blues.
Thank you, Heidi for capturing my lunch

A couple weeks after the above incident, I was feeling brave enough the face the grocery store and all the food it contains.  Kev and I split up to make the trip quicker.  When we meet back up his cart was full of veggies, fruit, meats, eggs and milk.  I had: Mac and Cheese (KRAFT, of course), Spaghetti-os, and salt and vinegar chips.  Can you all imagine Kev's face when he surveyed my cart?? Hahahah, I am pregnant for goodness sake!

Kev and I made an attempt to backpack over Memorial Weekend but we ended up at East Lake to visit my parents and that night for dinner all I wanted was chef boyardee and oh was it tasty!

Poor Kev has become my cupbearer.  Nothing ever sounds good until I see him eating it and then all of a sudden I HAVE TO HAVE WHAT HE IS EATING! I can't tell you how many times we have gone out to eat and the poor guys is swapping plates with me!

These are the items I absolutely CANNOT eat: avacados, ket...ketc...ketchup(ahhh, even to type it is torture), garlic and onions.  Kill me now!  Sooooo gross!!

Ugh, hopefully I will get over this sickness soon so I can get some salad or meat or anything healthy in me! Say your prayers for this sweet babe.  With the way things are going, I am setting this poor helpless kid up for obesity! 


  1. Oh my goodness-you are so funny! Although really sick and I feel for you, I hope it doesn't last much longer!!

  2. Oh and don't forget the french fries/tots, there's been a bit of those too right! ;)

  3. I laughed out loud so hard seeing you type "ket..ketc..ketchup. I can just hear how you would say that. Sorry it's so difficult still. Thanks for keeping your humor.


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