03 July, 2012

4th Of July Week

Even from the beginning of mine and Kev-O's dating relationship we have spend every 4th of July in Tahoe with his family. This year is the same. However, it won't be spent BBQ-ing with all the cousins or sitting lake side watching the fireworks. Nope, we will be making a drive from Glendora, CA to Tahoe, NV. If you know me you know this is possibly the worst thing to ever happen. Long car car rides are not my kind of enjoyment.

Kev's parents are saying "so long" to the Golden State and becoming Nevada residents. (Congratulations to the two retireys!) So, we flew to California to carry out our Independence Day tradition of being with his family and to be the "muscles" in the big move. Well, Kev has the muscles not me. Even though this is NOT my idea of a vacation, it isn't turning into such a bad time! While everyone else is lifting heavy boxes or inhaling cleaning fumes I have been banned from helping because of my "condition". Kev's mom, Kathy, made it very clear I was to not allowed to do anything while carrying her grandchild. While today started off with me following Kev around the house, I finally decided to make the best of it all and found myself a comfy lounge chair in the sun!

This might be the best 4th holiday to date!

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