19 July, 2012

Girl News Follow Up

With all the emails and text I got after announcing that we are having a GIRL. (Still getting used to the idea) I thought I better do a little follow up!

So, here is how it all went down when we heard, "Congratulations, you are having a...GIRL!" Then, Kev and I said....*crickets crickets crickets* NOTHING!!! I didn't think I heard our tech right and then Kev asked, "Are you sure?"  Hahahahahaha- not the ideal response

Kev and I began challenged our poor little tech about her ultra sound abilities she was soon saying,

"I am very confident" 

"I have NEVER been wrong"

"it is very hard to hide a wiener." 

So, we gave up trying to convince her to change our babies gender to a boy. After the ultra sounds we silently walked to the parking garage and climbed into our car.  In the privacy of our car and in front of Kev and God I bawled my eyes out.  All my dreams of having a pack of boys running a muck through our house.  Kev coaching our boys soccer teams.  Praying for and raising Godly valiant men.  Gone.

I cried and cried and cried.  Kev grabbed my hand and we bowed our heads and we thanked the Lord for our little girl.  For her safety, for her purity, her husband and that she would love the Lord with all that she is.  I cried and cried and cried some more. I collected myself enough to make a few phone calls and send a few texts.  Except to my poor parents who had to listen to my inaudible sobs on the other end.

We went to bed that night still in shock and still hardly having said a word to one another.  I kept telling myself I would feel better the next day.  I just needed to sleep. The next morning I rolled out of bed and began to salt Kev's eggs with my tears as I cooked his breakfast.  I got to work and still couldn't contain my water works.  Especially when my co-worker came in with a gift baring a package of adorable little pink items. 

The weirdest part was I didn't want our little babe to know I was crying and worse I didn't want her to know I was crying because of her!  I was upset with myself but couldn't stop crying. But, as the days went on the idea grew on me.  I thought of ballet recitals, braids, Kevin coaching her soccer team, having a little woman to teach about the Lord and a little girl that might have the calm temperament of her daddy.  My soul was pleased.

Thank you, Lord for giving us a sweet little girl. Our beautiful little woman.


  1. Aww well I think girls are going to be so much fun! Personally I would love a girl first and then a boy. But I don't have control over that lol and you will learn to love this new journey!! I guess it's true, it's great to not have expectations that way we don't get hurt.

  2. Aw, this is so sweet Tiff!! I just love that you guys prayed for her right away-what a blessed girl she is. :)

  3. This made me cry! I love your trust and acceptance in this. You guys are going to be the best parents ever. Thank you for trusting in the Lord with all things. His ways are higher than ours. When you meet your little princess, you will ever wonder how you lived without her.

  4. beautiful Tiff. :) and /\ is soooo right. Once you meet her, you will not be able to even possibly imagine her not being "her". :) "your beautiful little woman". I love it!

  5. Oh, beautiful momma ;) I love this. And I love that you are going to be having a girl. I was literally shocked (and almost comatose) when Ruth came out because I thought for sure I would HAVE TO have a boy. I mean I had only ever babysat boys, so it had to be a boy, right?

    But she is my delight. And now I want all girls. Seriously. So does Matt. It is crazy how God can change our hearts relatively quickly. So excited for you to experiencing the beauty of a little lady. Just wait :)

    LOve, Anna


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