07 October, 2011

To Write of Not to Write

It is almost 3:00pm on Friday afternoon and I am trying to get motivated to work, I have been trying since 9:00am... I don't think it is going to happen.

I thought I would take another stab at this whole blog thing.  I have been thinking more about what I am going to write about and I have decided! I am going to write about all the things I love, and I love a lot of things so watch out!!

Here is a small list of all the things I love: Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.  My Hubs (aka- B, Babe, Kev-o, sucker,Mochi Mani, among many others).  My family, my besties. Doggies and puppies, scented candles, seasons, holidays, looking at pictures. Oh and food, I love thinking everything about food, cooking it, reading about it, looking at pictures, talking about it.  I love food!

Hopefully there is something in there for you to look forward too!  Take a peak above at some of the many people I love!

Some of my besties
Me and my B.
Sis, Bro, Hubs, Me, Dad, and Mom

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