17 October, 2011

Cake Taker

My mom is amazing,  I am sure many people feel that way about their mother's but mine really is the best.  She is the best tickler, story teller, cuddler, therapist, comfort food maker, and encourager.  But, where my mom really takes the cake is when she throws a party!

Last Saturday was my Grandpa's birthday (don't worry, Grandpa, your secret is safe with me).  My Grandpa is a wine connoisseur, so, naturally, my mom threw him a Wine and Cheese party.

(Disclaimer: I wasn't very diligent at taking pictures at the party, so we will have to make due with that I captured.)

Full spread of cheese, fruit and munchies.  I think mama purchased most of the cheese from Costco.
My Grandma made little placards for each cheese; stating its origin, contents and which wine it was paired best with.
Yum-0 cheese fondue, super easy.  Find the recipe here. ( I probably should havewaited to dip my bread before I took the picture, it was just so yummy, I couldn't wait!!)

We asked Gramps to give us a quick wine education, but as Grandpa goes, it was not very quick!  =P
I can't take any credit for this event.  I literally showed up to the party empty handed, gorged myself and didn't even help clean up, I know, shame on me! From the cheese placards to the wine glass charms, my mom thought and did it all (with some help from my dad I am sure).  She doesn't miss a detail. Everything she does has thoughtfulness and love attached.  I hope one day I can be like my mom, and not only by learning manners and helping out, but by learning from her so that I can make everything as special as she does!

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