27 October, 2011

Thankful Thursday

When Kev and I were first dating I was working as a waitress... let's just say I did not have a great attitude during my employment.  At the time Kev and I were dating long distance and I would call him on my way to work. On my drive to the restaurant I would cry and on my drive home from the restaurant I would cry.  Kev was a great sport, I am so thankful he stuck with me and all my craziness.

Anyways, when I would call Kevin, all in a bad mood and hater of the world, he would make me tell him 5 things I was thankful for. At the time I despised this game, I didn't want to be thankful, I wanted to be mad and pouty and talk about all the things I hated.  But, after I forced out a few things I was thankful for, I felt better.

So, as our weather here in the beautiful NW is starting to turn to months and months of rain, I though I would start a Thankful Thursday and say 5 things that I am thankful for each week.

1. I am thankful for: The beautiful fall leaves! They are everywhere and we haven't had rain in a while so the leaves are crunchy and fun to kick up as you walk!
2. I am thankful for: Close friends at work! Always someone to talk to when I don't feel like working.
3. I am thankful for: The Healthy arrival of Baby Lucy! Praise the Lord! (see yesterdays post)

4. I am thankful for: Purchasing our plane tickets for the Erickson Thanksgiving Extravaganza.  And when I say extravaganza I mean it!  There are at least 30 people at this meal, it is a party!

5. I am thankful for: having so many family members living close.  On tonight's agenda; dinner with Brother Dan, Sister-in-law Sarah and my sweet bug-a-boo(nephew)!
Try it, it makes you feel better, I promise!

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