25 October, 2011

California Cravings

This past weekend Kev and I spent time with his family in Southern California.  Kev was born and raised in Southern California and I lived there for four years while attending BIOLA University (B-I-O-L-A, I am yelling our school chant in my head while I write this).  Even though I only lived in Southern California for a short time I grew to LOVE and crave a few things.
Ok- this may be very stereotypical, but it is so good!  In-N-Out is a-mazing! I sometimes want to go hog wild and get TWO double doubles.  But, I practice self control and limit myself to one single cheese burger with grilled onions.  My mouth is watering.
Don't be deceived.  This is not just an iced drink, this is THE BEST iced drink to every be brewed!!  I am not a big sugar connoisseur, so this unsweetened Vanilla Ceylon Ice Tea from Coffee Bean Tea Leaf could not make me happier.
And yes, I did order the 32oz much to my husband's dismay!  I mean, I can only get this drink when I am in California or Arizona.  Coffee Bean come to Oregon!!

Oh and I miss my California girls, Joce, Megs, and Rachy!

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