24 January, 2012

Why I Blog

I have been wondering lately why I blog.  Actually, I have been struggling with that question since I first started blogging in October.  I initially started blogging because I had a dream and I thought it was a message straight from God.... could this be possible?  Yes.  Could it be possible that I dreampt about blogging because I spend so much of my day looking at other people's blogs?  Yes. 

Daily I wavier back and forth with these questions: To blog or not to blog?  Why do I blog? What do I  blog about?  Is it a waste of my time to blog?  Does anyone even read my blog? I know, exhausting right? Ugh...

Me, "borrowing" WIFI from the neighbor. 
So, to ease my pondering mind I decided to write out the reasons why I blog.  Then when my crazy mind starts going blog bonkers I can re-read my blog "mission".  This is what I have come up with so far...

I blog to write.  To write about my life, my marriage, my thoughts and my God.  To remember these things at the moment I am writing about them. I blog to share.  To share about my life, my marriage, my thoughts and my God.  To document the secrets and hardships I have learned about these things in the moment I am experiencing them. I blog to write, to remember, to share and document. 

Blogging while in Bend for New Years

I am blogging for me but I hope that as I grow and learn that some of you will come along on the journey with me.  Maybe a few will only stop by once.  Maybe a few will stop by often.  But, my hope is at whatever moment you drop in, you leave with something to write, remember, share or document! 

Blogging right now, 23:00(we use military time in our house).
Now, to figure out what to blog about next...


  1. What a great thought to share with the world.I think its great when people share why they blog.
    Today my dear friend posted something kind of on the same lines.
    Check it out!
    Keep blogging! Its great knowing there are other lovers of Christ, who are wanting to share with the world how He has changed there lives. I really believe you will go fare with you lovely blog. :)

    Elisabeth <3

  2. i am so excited you are blogging, my beautiful friend!


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