30 January, 2012

Baby Patrol- Day two

So, we survived our baby patrol, and Bug survived being under the supervision of two people who still view themselves as kids.  Christian arrived with nothing but smiles for us at 6:45am on Sunday morning.  He then decided to sleep in until 9:30am, woke up for a quick diaper change and a bottle and then decided to hit the sack again until 11:30am.  Dan said Christian only sleeps that much when he is bored.  I would like to think that he slept that much because he was so relaxed. 

It was fun to get a little glimpse into parenthood for Kev and I.  I can already tell Kev is going to be an incredible dad and extremely helpful. We learned the importance of walking on your tiptoes.  The excitement of a bowel movement, and that after the fuss the cuddles are worth it.  

We have been blessed by good examples in both sets of our own parents.  Even though we had a good time with Christian, I mean it, we really had fun.  Baby making is still on hold for us. We are going to enjoy loving and practicing on our Bug and Little Lu!

We don't mess around when it comes to story time.

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  1. LOL, cute pic. Love that you threw a little education at your little bug. :)


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