17 January, 2012

Dorm Life

This week, while in Arizona, I have felt like I have been in college all over again. There are a few reasons but the main reason is Heidi, Amber and myself are all sharing a hotel room during our work conference. This is good and bad for several reasons:
1. I haven't been to bed before 12am each night. (good)
2. Early mornings to make it to classes. (bad)
3. Ice Cream, candy and snack foods have been my meals. (very bad)
4. Several wardrobes to choose from. (good)
5. One bathroom for three girls (bad)
6. Sharing a bed with Heidi. (good for me, bad for Heidi)
7. Girl talk at night. ( very good)
8. Room smells of Bath and Body Works. (good)
9. Always someone around. (good)
10. Pregnant Amber eating Grapes at 4am in bed. (not good)
It's been fun but it time to break up the bachelor pad at home!
(We missed you Mak!)

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