19 January, 2012

Food for Thursday- Scottsdale Style

Every few months I am in Scottsdale on business and when I am there I make sure I gorge myself with a few things!  Some people go to Scottsdale for the sun, I go to Scottsdale for the food!

Let's take at a look at my MUST EAT list when I am in Scottsdale!

I have told you all before about this one, Coffee Bean Tea Leaf.  This place seriously has THE BEST tea!  Everything I have tried I have loved! My all time favorite is the Vanilla Ceylon, yumm-o!!
Coffee Bean Tea Leaf, please come to Oregon!

I would rather eat a huge bowl of cheese popcorn than eat any kind of dessert but when I am in Arizona my boss always takes me to a gelato place and this gelato is good!! They have tons of flavors and even import ingredients straight from Italy and the owners are even from Italy, you can't beat that!
Oh Gelato place, you are so good.  Why can't I ever remember your name?

RnR is a restaurant I tried for the first time on my most recent trip.  I was drawn to this place because it has a two story patio with open seating! I LOVE eating outside.  Here I found a new favorite snack!  Sweet Potato tots, on the deliciousness!
Don't you want to try one?!

Oh man, this next place, I seriously think I could eat this meal everyday for every meal for the rest of my life.  It is that good!!  Ocean Prime.  I don't even have to look at the menu anymore.  I get the Petite 7oz Filet with the maytag blue cheese crumble and a side of their truffle mac and cheese.  My mouth is watering as I write!
Have you even seen a more beautiful piece of meat?  Well, except for Kev.
The Mac and Cheese with big beautiful truffle shavings inside!
Oh, and the truffle deviled eggs.  The best.
I just thought you might want to see my steak one more time.

And last but not least we ALWAYS visit Donna and Stacey at GoodyTwo's Toffee Company. You haven't had good toffee until you have had their toffee.  Donna and Stacey are a mother-daughter team who have mastered a family recipe in toffee. Everything that I have eaten at their shop has been to.die.for.  Crazy good! My personal favorite, Twozels.  They also have a chocolate dipped homemade marshmallow...this candy could turn me into a dessert person!
This stuff is so good we used them as welcome bags for the conference.  Now the whole company is addicted.

I am glad I have these pictures to tide me over until my next trip! Until we meet again, Arizona food!

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