04 January, 2012

Trendy WIWW

Funny how fashion changes.  Hunter boots for example, super cute right?  When I told my dad about them he was shocked anyone would pay over $100 for a pair of irrigation boots.  "You can't fight in those," as Kev-0 says about Skinny Jeans and I am pretty sure every girl in Portland owns a pair of skinny jeans, and at least 50% of the guys, not that we are all fighting around here, but they are TIGHT! Do you know what Tom's are?  Noah, Kev-0's cousin, exclaimed, "what are those socks you're wearing?!" When he looked at mine and Kev's shoes. Ya, they kind of do look like socks, but we all wear them anyways. The muse for slouchy hats was probably a Lumber Jack.  Do you think my kids will look at the picture below like I look at my mom's mullet and windshield sized glasses in the 80's?
Slouchy Hat and Boots- Nordstrom
Long Sleeved Shirt- Rack
Purple Tank and Purple Socks- Target
Jeans- Old Navy

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