28 January, 2012

Christian Adventures- Day 1

So, we survived day one of our babysitting duties.  It wasn't the birth control I was hoping for.  Christian was so good, as always, and Kev and I really enjoyed our day with him. 

This was our day with my little bug...

I think the fear was mutual when Dan first dropped him off.

First thing Christian decided to do was take a nap.

"There you are Peter."  Get it?  Anyone?  Hook!

Then we went on a walk around our neighborhood.

We met Sarah for Lunch at Laughing Plant

Then Christian decided to take another nap.

He helped me with the laundry.

We walked down 23rd and bumped into Nancy Mattison

Christian had so much fun he forgot to eat...
Oh, and we washed the car, cleaned the house, made dinner, read a book, and blogged.  I am serious. We did all of that while we watched Christian.  Do you see now why this was the worst birth control?

Being an Aunt and Uncle to Christian and Lucy makes Kev and I not so opposed to becoming parents.  


  1. I can see why you're not opposed. He sounds like the perfect baby! And he is absolutely adorable. Sweetest little face! Glad you guys had a good time babysitting!

  2. Oh my goodness, he has gotten SO big!!! I want to have a cuddle here very soon.


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