15 October, 2013

New Years Goal

I've always hated running.  Always.  It is like the WORST ever! But, this last Sunday I ran my fourth half marathon and actually it was my second half this year!  When I was pregnant my girl friend, Erin, who was also pregnant at the time, and I decided signing up for a half marathon would be a good idea to help us get back in shape post baby, NOT!  We were so sweet and so naive.  I mean, who knew there wouldn't be time for all the training shenanigans when you have a newborn? OK, every mom out there, but we learned the hard way and we trained (kind of) and did it with our other mom friend, Meghan.
Left to right: Meghan, Erin, Me.  We all had babies under the age of 1.
Then, I somehow roped myself into another Half Marathon a few months later with my cousin Katie and Kev's cousin Brita (cousins!!!). I hate to admit it, but it was super fun, well being with Katie and Brita, not actually running or the actual training.

(left to right: Brita, Katie, Me)
Katie aka, coach, was my lifeline during the run.  That chica has so much energy and became my little train that could.  Nothing but encouragement out of that girl 13.1 miles long.

Do you see what I mean?  Katie, energizer bunny! This is a mile 13.1!!
And then there was me... you will see in the pictures what I was doing.  My face can not lie. Katie is looking to make sure I am still with her...
Kev knows me so well, I drugged up before this race, and well every other race.  I get myself all hopped up on sugar and caffeine.  Crash and Burn.
Brita was an allstar.  Barely getting a chance to train because of her awesome architect job but she ran like it was ain't no thang.  

Every time I am training for a half I think, "I am NEVER doing another race again.  Never."  Then I FINISH the race and think, "Wow, this was the most fun thing ever."

I got a text from Katie the day after the race saying, "I will keep my eye out for another run"... um, I don't think so... oh alright, maybe just one more!

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