17 October, 2013

It is Actually Happening!

So remember waaaaaay back when, when we announced we were building our first house?!  Well, we still are.... doesn't it seem like it had been FOREVER?!  Well, we just got the news that we should be able to move into our new house the first week of November!! That is like 2 weeks away!! WE head over to the new house every couples of days the view the progress.  I, of course, don't feel like they are moving fast enough and when it it looks like nothing has been done in a couple days I always call Kev whining like that will make the house be build faster.

But, we are getting down to our final days and I started packing and cleaning getting ready for our big move! Well at least I am trying.

Last week I decided to get all Pinterest on myself and clean my oven with baking soda. It wasn't until I was head first in that oven trying to wipe out the baked on baking soda paste that I remembered some ovens have a "Self Clean" setting... sigh...ours has one.  I am still trying to get all that baking soda out of there!!

The other night Kev was gone and I was determined to pack up everything in the kitchen besides the essentials.  Instead I watched an episode of Hart of Dixie and text my friend Erin about how much I hate packing.  But I did get one cupboard packed.

But, I won't let these failed attempts discourage me.  Our house is almost done and it will be clean, odor free and ours!  

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