03 September, 2013

Rocky Relationship

So, I am trying to blog again.  I think all bloggers have an "on again" "off again" relationship with their blogs. Life gets busy, you get full of your self, life gets boring, whatever it is when you are in a blogging relationship is a rocky one! Am I right, fellow bloggers?

Besides just being UBER busy with being a wife, working, building our house, social life(or lack there of) and trying to figure out this mommy stuff, I just don't have much to blog about any more.  I post the cutest pictures anyone ever did see on the Short List Blog (which was supposed to be a joint blog with Kev and I, it is just turned into my lower maintenance relationship).  But, other than throwing up pictures here and there, some days I don't even step out of the house, or shower for that matter.  I don't craft and suck at all DIY projects I take on.

So, where any I going with this?  I guess, I am trying to blog again.  And this is my attempt at giving the relationship a go again.

This is what we did Labor Day weekend.  Exciting right?  Actually it was nice, doing nothing.  And look how cute my family is!

PS- going camping this weekend!  Totally something to blog about. Things are looking up!

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