02 September, 2013

My Kid

You know what's annoying?  How opinionated experienced parents are! (Pippa, I am sorry if I am being opinionated with you!)  Their "words of wisdom" often frustrate me. These parents say things that start like, "just you wait"  "you say you won't, but you will" "Every kid is different" blah blah blah blah blah. But you know what annoys me even more? When I realize they are RIGHT! When I was pregnant wise parents always told me the "love for your child is like no other.  And, you really can't understand it until you have your own."  Well, darn it, now that I have one, they are so right!

I was thinking about my my new role as mama to my little chubbas, Evangeline, the other day and realized I really DO have a different love for her than I do anyone else!  

I love her so much that I've never asked her to move out.  Any other roommate that would wake me up several times a night screaming, require me to bounce on a ball for endless hours, not pay rent, and eat the food I buy, would never have made it a month.  This kid has been with us 9 months now.

I love her so much that I don't even care that she has thrown up in my bed.  I actually love her so much I've let it dry and even slept on it. (Its only spit up, people.  Don't be too grossed out)

I love her so much that when her poop gets on my hand, arm, or anywhere on me, I am careful not to scream (to loudly), "on my gosh, SO nasty!!" in fear of scaring her.

I love her so much that I basically only talk in song to keep that cheesy grin on her face at all times.

I love her so much that my "fun money" most months are spent on baby clothes, toys, trinkets and gadgets.

I love her so much because she makes me feel like I could win American Idle, Top Chef, and American's Next Top Model.

I love her because of her ears that stick out, chubby cheeks, big eyes, and toothy grin.

I love her because she has helped me understand our Lord's love for us, his children. Despite all the heartache and hassle we are to him he loves us unconditionally.

What an incredible thing it is to me a mama.  So glad all of those other parents are right. 

Psalm 123: 3 Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. 

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  1. I ran across your blog before you were pregnant and love seeing updates! You are such a sweet momma and adorable as always. Children are most definitely a blessing and a true picture of God's love for us!


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