09 January, 2013


When Kevin and I found out I was pregnant we started praying for specific traits in our babe.  One of those traits was to receive a babe that liked to sleep.  Well our prayer has been heard and answered! Our baby does like to sleep!  But, we didn't pray specifically on how and when we wanted her to sleep! Hahahaha but praise the Lord she sleeps at all!

I am sitting her typing one handed while I cuddle little Evangeline as she sleeps. This kid could sleep for days my arms and only minutes in her co-sleeper.  We are rejoicing in her little solo sleep victories. For example yesterday Evangeline slept 20 minutes in her swing! A PR for sure.  Oh and last night she slept 5 hours!! 11pm-4am, I know she is amazing.  She must have sensed I needed the extra sleep last night.  We have tried everything under the wazoo to try and get this little cuddle bug to sleep in her co-sleeper(that is connected to my side of bed, literally NEXT TO ME) but she prefers to sleep on us or nestle up to by body.  She gets her extra large cuddle cup from me. Instead of thinking about all the stuff I can't do while she wants to be in my arms.  I need to think about how she wants to be in my arms, one day this won't be the case. 

Wish us luck as we are trying to show little Evangeline how awesome sleeping in her very own co-sleeper can be!

Don't be fooled..she woke up about a second later.
Sometimes I can get a shower in after we get back from an errand and she's sleeping.
Believe it or not she actually sleeps the best inside her boppy! (Thanks for the suggestion Pip)
A queen bed isn't big enough for three
Curled up and snuggled next to mama seems to work.


  1. awwww, the last photo is PRECIOUS.

    want to know what I just remembered? We let Tristen sleep in his car seat, allll the time. Even all night sometimes. He loved that car seat.

    Good luck with the move to the co sleeper!

  2. Oh-I see what you are talking about with the boppy! Maybe she likes it cause it's sort of hugging her! Funny girl...


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