11 January, 2013

It is All I Talk About

Everyone keeps asking me, "how is it being home?"  Well, I thought I would share what the day and the life of Evangeline and Tiffany look like. 

It starts about 3-4am, snack time and again 5-6am-ish.  Oh and we LOVE to sleep in so we get up around 9-10am (although this morning I got up before Evangeline and worked out, it was a great decision). Then our day begins.  We stare at each other for a while and I do everything under the sun to earn a smile.  My next goal is a giggle, I am working on finding those ticklish spots.  We walk about the house and I explain everything to her. What the sun looks like, why I drink water, who certain people are.  We will do some diaper changes where I obsess over the slightest diaper rash or if I have only seen one poop for the day.  And, someone help me if her poop is green, what could that possibly mean, green poop?!! Then I google whatever is "out of the norm" for the day.  I look at the clock and count how many hours until Kev gets home.  We walk about the house some more, bounce on the ball, try out the moby and try the sneak a shower or bathroom break with out her noticing I put her down. The visit from USPS is always exciting and we LOVE to Facetime or Skype with anyone else who is home during the day (Megs, don't forget to write "Read Tiff's blog" to your paper agenda for today!) And we always attempt to have a hot dinner on the table when we hear the front door open, which is the highlight of both of our days!

I now know why mom's only talk about their kids! Well, it is because it is all we do.  All we think about and the only pictures we take are a million shots of the same adorable smile or pose(sorry social media friends!) Us mom's are learning a new career and just when we think we've nailed it down, think again.  But, you know what?  I really like being home and I LOVE being a mom.
My Mom
Kev's Mom
Glad I have amazing moms to learn from!


  1. You are such a great mom!!
    A quick note on the green poop thing-I'd say that if you're still feeding from each side during each feeding Evie's getting less fat (found in the hind milk) than she would be if you fed her each feeding only from one side (and then the next feeding only from the other side, etc.) The fat in the hind milk is what gives that yellowish poo color.
    Here is also a good description/info from an LC on the topic: http://www.breastfeeding.com/breastfeeding-questions/breastfeeding-effects-poop/qa/what-causes-green-poop.aspx

    1. (Oops, don't know what happened to my spacing there!)


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