22 February, 2012

WIWW- Maui Style

Hi all! We are home!  We arrived yesterday morning after spending the night on a redeye...can't say it was the best sleep I ever had.  We landed, ran home, changed and both headed off to work.  That was not an easy transition.  We had an incredible time and we decided we were going to live there.  But, then we quickly came to our senses when we realized our hotel was more nightly than our monthly rent at home... yeah.  We would have been homeless in no time!  So we reluctantly came home!

Over the next couple of days I will give you a full report of our trip. I didn't want to bombard you all at once.  I won't bore you of pictures sun bathing on white beaches, kayaking with the whales, snorkeling with turtles, eating fresh pineapple... ok, now I am just bragging.

I will start you off easy and post a WIW in Maui!  Even though we spend 90% of our time in our bathing suits, I tried to make myself presentable for dinners!

In the hallway to our room!  We raced down this long hallway every day!
Tank &Necklace- Nordstrom
Cardigan- TJ Max
Jeans- Tilly's
Sandles- Norstrom Rack

Packing our bag to head out to the beach!! Sun here we come!
Sunglasses- Capital
Earings- Nordstrom
Shirt- Abercrombie
Shorts- Billabong

On the docks of Lahaina
Sunglasses- H&M
T-Shirt- Nordstrom
Necklace-  Street vendor in London
Shorts- Target
Sandles- Famous Footwear
Lei- Maui!

Hat- ABC Store
Tank- RVCA
Shorts- Billabong
Sandles- Rainbows
Lei- Maui!

More pictures to come tomorrow and Friday!  We miss you sun!

pleated poppy


  1. Oh you guys are so beyond adorable! I love you!! Can't wait to see more! (and yes, I am jealous but I'm ok with it.) :)


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