01 February, 2012

WIWW-Low Lighting

I know all the photography tutorials say that the best lighting for picture taking is natural, outside lighting.  But, when I leave for work in the morning, it is dark(or at least when my photographer leaves for work).  And when I get home from work, it is dark.  Any suggestions on what to do to help out my outfits in my low lit house?  

Sweater- H&M
Scarf- Target
Red Dress- Ross
Leggings- Target (again)
Socks- Target (and, again)
Boots- DSW

I am noticing more and more that my wardrobe is full of SOLID colors.  No patterns, few strips and no floral print! I am trying to go crazy and pull some pattern into my life! I am starting with a scarf, just in case all the craziness becomes too much, I can pull it off and become my solid self again.  What do you think?  I am thinking it is a keeper!

Happy Wednesday! I now look forward to Wednesdays and have accepted the fact that I will not be getting much work done today! I will be scouring the WIW link ups!

pleated poppy
See, there are so many!


  1. We need photo shoot days love. Just one day a month, we can go frolic in the park and streets :)

  2. LOVE that scarf! You are simply adorable! {I'm your newest follower :)}.
    And I have the same problem with taking pictures, I wish I could take pictures outside in the middle of the day, but I work all day and so does my hubby {aka my photographer :)}. So it's either in the house somewhere early in the morning, or a self portrait!

  3. That is my favorite scarf, I loove it! My lighting fix recommendation is to throw the pic into Picasa and use the fill light to brighten it. :)

  4. Ooo I LOVE the scarf! Is it new? I might be a copycat.... :) I have the same "problem" with solids, a.k.a. my wardrobe, I'm trying to mix it up but I really do like solids! I love your layering!

  5. Do you have a tripod? Assuming your camera is a DSLR, you can slow your shutter speed down and/or lower the f-stop. Not that a tripod is necessary, but it'll help w/ the shake....

    Anyway, I am a solid color gal, too. Never really realized it till I tried to do a mix-pattern challenge and came up empty handed.

  6. This outfit is so adorable! I love it! I'm more of a print person when it comes to clothes, but solids can do just as much for a person! This outfit is perfect though, with the way you pulled in a patterned scarf! You're adorable!

  7. I LOVE the outfit! Mix of colors is awesome...love the socks, boots and scarf.
    As far as the lighting...try downloading Picasa for free! It will allow you to add fill light into a photo.

  8. Love love love that scarf, super cute!

    xo Shane

  9. I have the same problem! I try to take mine before I head out the door in the morning because the natural light is peaking in, but then I have to use a self timer and that limits me to certain areas. And my photographer is gone by like 4am and then I get home when it's dark! WIsh I had suggestions for you, but love your outfit!

    <3 Nicole

  10. Super cute outfit! I really like that printed scarf!


  11. Love your outfit...super cute.


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