29 February, 2012

WIWW- Airport Tips

Well, I am still laid up in bed today.  But, I am able to sit up with out having to rush to the bathroom.  So, I believe I am making huge strides today, people!

On this particular Wednesday I am wearing my favorite leggings from Costco, with a control top.  So sexy.  And a ripped up, stretched out, BIOLA Intramural Championship t-shirt.  In which, by the way, I scored the wining goal.  It doesn’t matter that I just so happened to be standing in front of the goal and the soccer ball just so happened to bounce off my stomach into the goal. It was the winning goal no matter how it happened!  Sweet victory.

Anyways, I am not going to post my real outfit today, but I will post a WIWW outfit that was meant for several weeks ago.  It is my airport outfit.  I am very strategic in what I wear when I am traveling, especially with all the rules and regulations from TSA.

Here are my Airport Attire thoughts:

Earrings- Tilly's
I am going to start with these first, because they are a poor choice.  I mean, look at all the metal. But, I just liked them so much with my outfit they were worth the hassle.

Cardigan- H&M
A warm sweater to throw on and off is a must.  You sweat up a storm while trying to make it to you flight and then freeze to death on the plane

T-shirt- Thrifter BCBG
Loose fitting and comfortable.  Especially if you are trying to get any sleep on a plane.  Which NEVER happens for me!

Purple Tank- Target
Extra layer and extra splash of color.  Just because I am traveling does not give me the OK to wear my pajamas in public. 

Jeans- Nordstrom Rack
Once again, I wear my most comfortable jeans.  Jeggings are incredible for travel also!

Cowboy boots- Zappos.com
You have to pick the right shoes when you travel. Nothing with ties, buckles or zippers.  Slip off and slip back on.  Since you have to basically undress for TSA nowadays you might as well make it easy on yourself.

Purse- TJ Max
A big purse is necessary on a flight. Think of all the things you can pack in there and still claim it as your personal item.  Books, snacks, magazines, ipad.  But, be careful, large bottles of lotion are often found in this black hole.  Which means bag search, a longer wait through security and a whole bottle of lotion in the trash!! Ugh!

So there you have it, my successful airport outfit.

A couple side notes: 
1. Did you notice how scary my face looked in this picture?! I had Kev take this picture over and over and over.  They all came out crazy.  Conclusion- I looked crazy that day.
hahahaha- see, crazy!!
2. Every time I went though security that weekend, TSA checked my poof like I was trying to pull an Amy Winehouse on them.

3. The cowboy boots I am wearing are the same ones I wore on mine and Kev’s first date and on our wedding day!
 Some pretty awesome boots, right?

We are halfway through the week.  I don’t know about you guys.  But, we have fun plans this weekend.  Kev’s birthday is Saturday and fun times will be had!
pleated poppy


  1. you are so cute! & i love your "poof" :)

  2. I love "just cause you're traveling doesn't mean it's okay to wear your pajamas in public" . Bahahahaha! Those boots and your wedding pics are to die for.

  3. LOVE those boots!! So dang cute! And I love seeing some of your wedding pictures! And I'm totally the same way with my Strategic outfits for the airport - you looked so cute!

  4. Oh, I'm always very strategic about airport outfits - but I still do the earrings too. I wouldn't feel like myself without accessories.:) I just make sure they're easy to take off while waiting in the security line and slip back on right afterward.

    LOVE that you got married in those awesome boots!
    cate @ wildruffle.com

  5. your boots are so so awesome! ok i have to ask if that shirt from biola as in biola university?? because i am an APU grad

  6. I LOVE that you wore cowboy boots on your wedding day ( and even more special that they were the same ones from your first date)


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