15 February, 2012

WIW On my Birthday!

Today is my birthday!  I made it to the big 26!  I was telling Kev last night, that in my girlish dreams I had my first kid at 26… I am not hinting at anything.  I was just telling him what my dreams were when I was little. 

On Sunday Kev and I headed to Nordstrom to pick me out a birthday outfit!  For some reason I feel extra pressured to look nice on my birthday.  So, we went on the hunt for a something purdy. 

We were successful at Nordstrom, big thanks to the sales gal for bringing me loads of clothes and then putting them all away!  I did find and purchase several things, so her work was not all in vein.  And a bigger thanks to Nordstrom for having a nice chair for Kev to sit in while he waited…and waited….and waited, thanks babe!

What do you think of my birthday clothes purchase? Kev’s response, he liked my birthday suit best…TMI?

Like I said, we went to Nordstrom.
 Sweater, Tank, Necklaces, jeggings- Nordstrom
Socks- Target
Boots- DSW
Aren't these fun?  I a wearing three necklaces total and made clinking music all day while I walked!

Kev has been VERY quite about my birthday this year.  I have no idea what he has planned!  All I know is he stuck me in the bedroom for a long time last night while he made a racket in the kitchen… strange. I hope you all enjoy your day. I have a feeling I will! 

pleated poppy


  1. GORGEOUS!!!!!

    You look amazing.

    Happy Birthday sweetie!

  2. Happy Birthday my dear! I absolutely LOVE it all! What a perfect way to get ready for your Birthday! Nordy's is definitely one of my faves! {I have a serious Nordy's addiction :)}.

  3. Happy Birthday beautiful bestie.

  4. your birthday outfit is pefect! I hope you have a wonderful and very happy birthday!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Honey!! You always look FAB. I totally love the layered necklaces!

  6. pretty.

    in my childhood dreams i'd also hoped to have my first child when i was 26. when i was 26 i had a 2 littles already.


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