30 November, 2011

What I Made My Man Wear Wednesday

Have I ever told you how hot my husband is?  Well, he is crazy good looking.  God gave me an extra blessing in the hubs department. It has taken two years but Kev and I are finally starting to agree on Men's apparel.  Clothes shopping was a struggle for a while, well still kind of is.  So, now I do the majority of his shopping and I think I do a pretty darn good job, what can I say, I'm proud.  So proud, infact, I thought I would share what I made my man wear on Wednesday.  Send me your guys outfits, always looking for an inspiration!
Sweater- H&M
Flannel- H&M
Khakis- Kohls
Belt- Target
Shoes- Last Chance (notice the laces- I swapped the originals for leather strands, way cooler.)
Watch- Nixon Sentry Leather
Notice the ring, ladies.  He is taken!! =)
pleated poppy

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